DERMAPEN © is considered by specialists as “the pencil that erases scars and wrinkles”. DERMAPEN © is a treatment that helps to rejuvenate the skin, restoring collagen and elastin through a natural healing process.

Did you know that Dermapen removes skin blemishes by helping your skin produce collagen and elastin naturally?

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Dermapen ya ha llegado a España y nuestra clínica ha sido la pionera en traerlo a Valencia

Dermapen already in Valencia thanks to our clinic.

Ultra-thin needles with which multiple skin punctures are performed that induce a wound healing response producing new collagen and elastin. This new collagen and elastin improves the quality and texture of the skin, making it feel softer and firmer helping to correct and blur wrinkles and expression lines, as well as the marks left by acne. This treatment also helps repair surgical scars.

Each of the thousands of small puncture wounds induces the release of growth factors that initiate the wound healing process. These factors stimulate the release of collagen and elastin in the skin, this being the objective of any skin rejuvenation treatment.

Dermapen has already arrived in Spain and our clinic has been the pioneer in bringing it to Valencia.

After treatment, the skin may become red for a few days and with some fine scabs.

  • Generally a minimum of 3-4 treatments are required to achieve improvements in skin firmness and texture.
  • The improvement of the scars may need 5 or more sessions.

The results appear little by little because the production of collagen takes time.

  • Customers’ opinions on the results obtained are very positive, mostly noticing an improvement in their skin tone and texture within 3-6 weeks of treatment.
  • This treatment can be performed safely on all skin types (even the darkest) and it can be a safe treatment for sensitive areas of thin skin, such as the neck, neckline and eyelids.

Through these videos you can learn more about this fantastic product:

Below we show some examples of results obtained using DERMAPEN. Click on each image to see it enlarged.

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