Lipostructure or Coleman lipofilling

Lipostructure or Coleman lipofilling de is a surgical technique described in 1994 by plastic surgeon Sydney Coleman, New York.It is based on the three-dimensional modification of the anatomy, injecting fat tissue from the patient, previously purified. Although it is widely used in facial surgery as filling cheekbones, nasolabial folds, etc, also it used in body surgery to treat depression in body contouring or to fill sunken areas or atrophied. Combined with liposuction, you can really sculpt the contours.


The difference that Dr. Sydney Coleman has contributed with his technique is obtaining long-term results. This technique is by minimal incisions, remove the fat from the patient with specific cannulas that allow suck the fat cells with minimal trauma. Then, centrifuged and processed to get a purified fat where fat tissue is separated from the whey and oil, isolating the adipocyte that infiltrate in the area to fill. Being a self implant is a treatment that has very few contraindications and advantages.

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