Ear surgery, otoplasty

Otoplasty is surgery to correct protruding ears.

Usually performed in patients aged 14-16 years old. However, it is often performed in younger children because at six to seven years old, the have almost reached adult size. On the other hand, children tend to be very cruel and at this age protruding can be the cause of mockery and cruelty at school.

It is usually performed under local anesthesia in the case of adults or older children, and under general anesthesia in young children. The procedure lasts about 45-60 minutes and patients can return to their daily lives, both work and to school within 5-7 days.

An incision is made behind the ear, leaving an almost invisible scar. We proceed to the remodeling of the cartilage of the ear, folding it in places where it is needed and removing excess shell and skin behind the ear if necessary.

In the postoperative period a tight bandage is applied for 48 hours, which is then changed to a tennis type headband, which the patient wears all day for week and only at night for two weeks more to prevent the cartilage from folding to the front while sleeping. To sew the wound behind the ear, we use sutures or threads that dissolve within 2-3 weeks.

The result of the intervention is permanent. On rare occasions tweaking is necessary and complications are extremely rare.

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